Sabtu, 12 Juli 2008
is a unique social network site that gives service to match roommate and apartment. You can search roommate, who has same hobbies or interests, and apartment that apropriate with you at Anyway, in my subjective opinion, has good and bad points.

Good Points:

Roomster has social network features such as last member login, quick messages, and quick links. Also, they have searching tool, that include Google maps, and the apts-to-share tool. As I cited from their site, apts-to-share is an alternative to traditional roommate matching, it is easy to use and creates more possibilities. Truth be told, 60% of people looking for roommates do not have rooms, this creates a huge imbalance. Apts-to-share was designed to fill the gap and create more possibilities by matching two roommates who need rooms and offer them available rental apartments that they can share.

Bad Points:

1. Homepage.
First impression is important. When I first time visit their website, I think the user interface homepage is not interested. I don’t understand why they place a bunch of member photos on their homepage. I think the homepage is better if they place logo and give short description of the website instead of a bunch of member photos.

2. Cost Membership.
At present, a lot of free software runs as a service which gives you free cost. Analogy to the free software, I think is a kind of website which runs as a service. So, I actually disagree with membership cost at Maybe, I will use others social network site which give me free cost instead of

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