Senin, 18 Februari 2008

QIC file format

Microsoft Windows 95 and 98 used file extension QIC to indentify a Windows Backup file. File extension QIC is saved in the compressed format, QIC-113. As far as I know, Windows XP does not support .QIC file format. I still don't know why Windows XP does not support .QIC file format, it make backup file from Windows 95 or 98 useless if you run your computer with Windows XP.

Anyway, If you use Windows 95 or 98 and find error while open .QIC file extension, you may have problems, you can use software from to repair it. It is free to download and use it. Also, it very easy to install. You only need internet connection. After you install it, you can recover .QIC file format from error easily.

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