Senin, 18 Februari 2008

Maintain Your QIF File Format

File extension QIF is ASCII text file created by Quicken financial software. It is older than Open Financial Exchange (OFX) and used for transactions, financial management, and other application like Microsoft Money, KMyMoney, GNUCash and Money Talks. A software like Money Talks use file extension QIF to manage your bank account in simple and effective way. File extension QIF has itself protocol that use to transfer data. Although the QIF file format was originally developed by Intuit, but it is non-proprietary and supported by several and accounting programs. QIF is an acronym for Quicken Interchange Format, but some people may explain QIF is QuickTime Image File that created and compressed by Apple QuickTime.

If you have a lot of file with QIF extension, you must have software that can maintain all of your files. Also, you need a software that easy to use, fast, and reliable. All software features that I mention before is available in Driver Cure software from The file size is only 1 MB and it has supported Windows Vista. Other feature is The software can find critical driver updates, so that your computer run faster and avoid crashing. You don't need to register at fileextension.qif to download the software. You don't need to purchase the software which has many great feature. It's free.

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